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Whether you're a complete newbie or ready to compete, we've got you covered.

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

Learning how to thrive when in close quarters during hand to hand combat is essential. Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (or just Jiu-Jitsu) is one of the key components to learning how to defend yourself, whether in real life altercations, in grappling competitions, or inside an MMA cage, when a fight hits the floor. Dark Clan Fight Lab offers traditional jiu-jitsu, coupled with aspects of judo, wrestling, and free style fighting, in a fun and safe learning environment. This class consists of a variety of warm ups, partner drills, techniques on attack and defense, and everyone’s favorite part, live rolling/sparring.

Requirements: Gi, belt. Mouth pieces optional.

No-Gi / Submission Wrestling

Much like it’s traditional counter part, Brazilian jiu-jitsu, Submission Wrestling (No Gi Jiu-Jitsu), incorporates aspects of judo, wrestling, and free style fighting, but is taught and practiced without the gi. In this class, practitioners will learn takedowns, how to apply and defend against holds without grabbing a uniform, and strategies for implementing these techniques. This class is beneficial to competitive grapplers, MMA fighters, and law enforcement, but is also accessible to new practitioners. Classes consist of an intensive warm up and partner drills, technical instruction, and live sparring in a safe and fun learning environment.

Requirements: Practitioners are encouraged to wear compression shirts/rash guards and shorts or spats (no pockets). Mouth pieces optional. Short finger and toenails are a must.


The modern martial artist should be well versed in all aspects of combat, but before you can place a well timed kick to an opponent standing across the ring or cage, you have understand the technical aspects that it entails. Our kickboxing class incorporates Dutch style kickboxing combinations and partner pad work, in a cardio heavy session. This class is open to all levels, from beginner to advanced. Classes entail mobility and drills, partner pad work, and technical instruction. If you want to find a sweat, increase your aerobic capability through kicking and punching, and listen to loud music in a fun environment, this is your class.

Requirements: 12-16 oz. gloves, hand wraps

Mixed Martial Arts

(coming soon)