Founder and Head Grappling Coach

As a kid, Derrick “Darkness” Garza was enamored with the larger-than-life personas of 1980’s pro wrestlers. Coupled with a love for martial arts movies, and having brothers to “practice” moves on, he found the martial arts at a very early age. Like so many martial artists that become enthralled with jiu-jitsu through the UFC in the early 90’s, he began training in backyards with friends, until finding formal training at Paragon BJJ in Corpus Christi, TX in 2001, where he studied Jiu-Jitsu, Judo, Muay Thai, and Mixed Martial Arts.

Having gone from white to black belt through the famous half guard school, Garza has been an avid competitor in every belt, including the black belt pro level. Having received his black belt in 2012 from Ricardo “Franjinha” Miller, he has currently been at the black belt level for 9
years and is now a second degree black belt. A veteran of IBJJF, Fight 2 Win Pro, the inaugural Onnit Invitational event, he has shifted his focus from competition to his career long dream of owning his own school. That vision became a reality in 2018 with the advent of Dark Clan Fight Lab. Here, his focus is passing the martial arts to his students, and emphasizing a dynamic, submission based style.

It is our goal to bring a sense of community and a high level of creativity and technical proficiency to one of the most welcoming and zen-like training centers in the US. I invite you to visit our beautiful training facility and hope to see you in the Lab soon!