Judo / Kickboxing

Liz started playing competitive sports at a very young age. It all started with her being the only girl on the boys baseball team before transitioning to fast pitch softball. She was then asked to use her skills at shortstop to play on a nationally ranked team. While she still participates in a recreational slow pitch league, it doesn’t compare to her love for competing at a higher level.
Once she started boxing, she quickly moved to kickboxing and judo and has never looked backed. A member of the United States Judo Association, she enjoys competing and won gold in her weight class at her last judo tournament. “I want everyone to come try judo and see how awesome it is.”

Liz’s goal is to expose more women to the martial arts and get them involved in the striking and throwing arts. “It’s amazing for your health, for self defense and will boost your confidence. Liz is thrilled to be a part of such an amazing team and spends a lot of her free time at DCFL.